Annual Confirmation Statement

A limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP) registered in the UK is required to file confirmation statement online, formerly known as an "annual return" to Companies House, at least once a year, even in the case that the business is dormant. Let Affotax be of your assistance, if you are unsure of where to begin or to avoid the burden of filing. Get a quote!

The annual confirmation statement helps you update information like directors and secretaries, people with significant control (PSC) and company’s registered office address. There would be a section for extra information present, which can be finished if there have been modifications; to your shareholder information, statement of capital, trading status of shares, exemption from maintaining a PSC register, or Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number.

Filing Starter

Our basic package covers the preparation and filing.

The package includes:

  • Preparation and revision of your confirmation statement.
  • Submission to Companies House.
  • The government's filing fee is covered by Affotax.


Filing Express

Our express package covers the preparation and filing within 24 hours

The package includes:

  • Preparation and revision of the confirmation statement.
  • Submission to Companies House.
  • Your government's filing fee is covered by Affotax.
  • All within 24 hours.


Benefits of Our ‘Annual Confirmation Statement’ Services:

 Easy compliance: With us, you can ease the procedure, getting timely and accurate submission.

 Data security: We keep the sensitive information of your company safe and secure with utmost confidentiality. 

 Affordable pricing: At Affotax, we are committed to affordable pricing in our services.

 Personalised guidance: You will get access to our expert team for personalised guidance and dedicated support.

 Expert handling: Our expert team will expertly lead you through the complicated mechanism with ease.

 Resource optimisation: Delegate your company annual return to us, freeing up crucial time and resources for your core business functions.

Improve your company governance by utilising our effective solution; send us a message now!


1. What is an annual confirmation statement? 

It is a mandatory filing for UK companies and certain entities. It provides an overview of crucial company details, ensuring accuracy and transparency in the public records.

2. Why do I need to file it? 

Filing the statement is legally required to keep your company's information updated with Companies House, promoting accountability and transparency.

3. What information is included in it? 

It typically contains details about directors, shareholders, registered office addresses, and share capital. It doesn't cover financial accounts or tax-related information.

4. When do I need to file a confirmation statement? 

It must be filed at least once every 12 months, within 14 days of the statement date. It's crucial to meet this deadline to avoid penalties.

5. How can your basic package help? 

Our basic package offers guidance on required information, preparation of the statement, and submission to Companies House, ensuring accurate and timely filing.

6. Can I use these packages for LLPs or other entities? 

Yes, the packages can be tailored for different types of entities.

7. What happens if I miss the filing deadline? 

Late filing may result in penalties from Companies House. It's essential to adhere to the filing deadline.

8. How do I get started with your services? 

Select the package that suits your needs, follow the instructions to purchase, and our experienced team will guide you through the filing process.

Do you have any questions or need personalised assistance? Contact us for additional inquiries or free consultation.

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