Online P11D Form

Are you an employer in the UK? If yes, then you will need to fill out P11D form to report benefits, expenses and certain company assets to HMRC. It provides a detailed summary of non-salary perks and allowances offered to employees during the filing period. The submission is important for accurate taxation, maintaining tax regulations, and transparent reporting of additional benefits beyond regular wages. Note: If you are behind schedule with submitting or have provided inaccurate information on your tax return, it can lead to penalties. In addition, you may pay less or claim too many reliefs. You can avoid these penalties by providing accurate information, submitting P11D online and on time. If you are unaware of any aspect of it, we can help – get a quote now!

Essential Package

It covers the essentials for accurate and hassle-free reporting, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and transparent employee benefit disclosure.

    Package includes:

  • Assessment and compilation of employee benefit details
  • Preparation and submission to HMRC
  • Employee communication materials on benefit reporting


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    We keep our clients' information secure and confidential – put your trust in Affotax!

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  • What is a P11D Form?

    In the UK, employers submit a declaration form to report the benefits, expenses, and assets of their employees. This is known as the form P11D.

  • Why is accurate reporting important?

    Accurate reporting of is important because of complying with rules and regulations and to avoid penalties of inaccurate data submission.

  • Where do I get it?

    You can get it through HMRC's website or by contacting one of their payroll providers.

  • Who pays the tax on it?

    It is paid by the employer but sometimes the employer will need to deduct from the employee's salary. To find out the amount of tax that has been deducted from your salary, you can find it on a P45 form which will be issued to you accordingly.

  • Does a P11D mean I owe money?

    No, it does not mean that you owe money. It simply means that you have to report the taxable benefits to HMRC.

  • Do I need to submit a P11D if it has no benefits?

    If you do not possess any benefits, it is not mandatory for you to submit. But remember to account for any benefits that you receive and pay the taxes. Also, notify your human resource department of any change in your benefits.

  • Can I customise the solution further?

    Yes, our package is designed to provide specific benefit reporting needs and can be customised according to your request.

If you have any personalised guidance or additional inquiries about our service, please don't hesitate to contact us.