Quarterly VAT Return

As a registered business in the UK, you must understand how important it is to submit your VAT return to HMRC every three months. It is called the 'Accounting Period' between your submissions. You are required to make advance payments, either monthly or quarterly, towards your bill during your accounting period and the final price upon submitting your VAT return. HMRC mandates this as of April 2022 for VAT-registered businesses to use software compatible with Making Tax Digital for their quarterly VAT return. Your existing online account is no longer suitable to submit, and failing to file using MTD-compatible software may lead to penalties from HMRC.

The expert team at Affotax has mastered the what and how of MTD VAT submission in the UK and is ready to take the burden off your shoulders. Our MTD-compatible software allows you to have the best experience in your digital submission. We promise accurate and timely submissions – get a quote today!

Basic Package

It covers the essentials, ensuring accurate and hassle-free compliance with HMRC's digital tax initiative. Ideal for businesses with quarterly turnover < £5K.

Package includes:

  • Quarterly MTD VAT return preparation
  • Review of bookkeeping record. VAT transactions
  • Submission to HMRC


Premium Package

It covers everything in the above package + consultation. This package is ideal for businesses with quarterly turnover > £5K.

Package includes:

  • Quarterly MTD VAT return preparation
  • Review of bookkeeping record. VAT transactions
  • Submission to HMRC
  • VAT consultation


Benefits of Our ‘Quarterly VAT Return’ Service: 

 Effortless VAT reporting: By availing of our service, you ensure compliance with regulations and an accurate submission. 

 Data security: Put your trust in Affotax as we handle your information with the utmost data security during your submission.

 MTD expertise: Our team at Affotax has the expertise you need to expertly manage your submissions correctly, avoiding penalties. 

 Personalised support: By availing of our service, you access dedicated support from our expert team throughout the procedure.

 Resource optimisation: While we take responsibility for your filing, you can focus on other important business activities.

 Streamline compliance: We make sure you are compliant with all digital tax requirements, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Choose our service and reach new heights of comfort and success by streamlining your reporting processes. Get a quote now! 


1. What is the quarterly VAT return submission? 

It involves electronically reporting your business's VAT information to HMRC on a quarterly basis as part of the Making Tax Digital initiative.

2. Why is accurate filing important? 

Accuracy is important for compliance with HMRC's digital tax requirements and it also helps in providing visibility into your liabilities.

3. How to change from quarterly to monthly vat returns?

If you need to switch from quarterly to monthly VAT returns, get in touch with HMRC. They will help you understand how you can do that together with the documents or forms you need. The change-over period for the monthly VAT return will also be communicated to you.

4. Are there penalties for late delivery? 

Yes, late delivery may lead to penalties. Affotax can help you file accurately and on time, so get a quote today. 

5. Can I switch between packages as my business needs change? 

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your package based on your reporting requirements because our packages are flexible to suit our clients' needs. 

6. How often should I review my transactions for accuracy? 

You should review your transactions regularly; ideally monthly reviews are perfect. It reduces the risk of errors and fines. 

7. What if I have specific questions or need personalised advice? 

If you have further inquiries about our services, or need personalised advice, our team at Affotax will be more than happy to assist or answer your questions.

The thought of choosing the wrong platform or service can be haunting. Put your trust in Affotax and we will make sure you choose us every time you are stuck in the tax world. Contact us today!

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