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A UK limited company, or LLP, must have a registered office as its official and necessary address at the time of business incorporation. More than just a formality, this physical address in the UK serves as the main point of contact for important government communications, tax notices, and regulatory correspondences. Notably, this location is publicly available, enabling transparency and verification.

With Affotax's famous London registered office address, you may elevate your corporate profile while protecting your residential address from public view on the Companies House register. This strategic action improves your professional image and presents a secure and established appearance for your company, going beyond simple compliance. Entrusting your registered office to us not only satisfies legal requirements but also gives you a significant advantage in protecting your personal information and building a solid corporate identity. Check out the packages below and Get a Quote now!

Registered Office Address

Our basic package offers the essential service of providing a "Registered Office Address" within the UK for your company's official communications.

Package includes:

  • Using a London address as your official registered address.
  • All official government mail scanned and emailed to you; free of charge.


Registered Office + Director Address Package

Our basic package offers the essential service of providing a registered office address and director address within the UK for your company's official communications.

Package includes:

  • Using a London address as your official registered address.
  • Using a London address as your official director address.
  • All official government mail scanned and emailed to you; free of charge.


Discover the Remarkable Benefits of Our Registered Office Address UK Services:

🏢 Establish a Professional Image: Establish a professional image for your company by having a prestigious office address in the UK.. It can help you win over potential partners and customers.

🔒 Ensure Data Security: Our registered office address service ensure that your company's information is handled securely and kept confidential. Put your trust in Affotax!.

📋 Stay Legally Compliant: Our team of experts can assist you with managing the requirements for a registered office address, ensuring that you follow all legal requirements and stay clear of any fines.

🗣️ Get Personalised Support: Our expert team is always ready to provide dedicated assistance and guidance regarding your registered office address. We ensure that you have the support you need to succeed.

⏱️ Save Time and Resources: By entrusting Afffotax with your registered office address, you can free up time and resources that can be better spent on growing your company or business.

🌍 Expand Your Reach: With a registered office address in the UK, you can expand your business's reach and enter a new world of markets, both domestically and internationally.

📈 Boost Your Credibility: A registered office address in the UK can help boost your business's credibility and reputation, which can be a key for attracting new clients and partners.

Choose  our UK registered address for your company to enhance your business's professional appearance, ensure legal compliance, and take advantage of a range of other benefits that can help you succeed in today's competitive business landscape. 🚀


1. What is a Registered Office Address in the UK? 

The Registered Office Address is the official legal address of a company or business entity in the UK. It is used as the designated location for receiving:

  • Official communications 
  • Government mail
  • Legal notices

2. Why is a Registered Office Address necessary?

Every UK limited company must have a registered office address as per the law. It ensures that the company has a formal point of contact for government agencies, regulatory bodies, and the public.

3. What does the Basic Registered Office Address Package include?

The use of our registered office address for business correspondence is included in our Basic Package. It entails forwarding official correspondence and notices of regulations.

4. How does the Comprehensive Registered Office Address Management Package differ?

A premium registered office address, mail scanning with digital forwarding, and unique access to online business assistance resources are all included in the Comprehensive Package.

5. Can I use the registered office address for other purposes?

Official communication should primarily be sent at the registered office address. Nevertheless, a few packages could include extra services to improve your company's visibility.

6. Is my registered office address information private?

Using a service like ours can assist in safeguarding your privacy by keeping your residence or personal address off public records, even when the address is publicly available for verification.

7. Can I change my registered office address later?

It is possible to modify your registered office address, but there are particular steps you must follow. Get advice from us on how to make adjustments.

8. How do I get started with your Registered Office Address UK services?

After you select the package that best meets your needs and complete the buying procedures, our staff will assist you in establishing your registered office address.

9. Do you have more questions or need personalised advice? 

Feel free to contact us for personalised assistance, tailored solutions, or any additional inquiries about Registered Office Address UK services. We're here to guide you every step of the way. 

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