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Value Added Tax is a mandatory process for businesses to follow the standards of tax regulations. When you register for VAT, your business will be officially registered with the UK government for the collection and remittance on its taxable sales. You can get a refund for your spendings on your business expenses once you properly register. Even though you might have to pay the whole amount at first, you can still get this money back by submitting your return to HMRC. 

Understanding it, along with its £85,000 threshold, Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules, and finding a compatible software could be complicated and hectic. You don't need to worry because Affotax is here to act as your agent in the UK and guide you on filing UK MTD return. Check out our packages below and let us take the burden off your shoulders – get a quote now!

Basic Package

It covers the essentials, guiding your business through the process to ensure you get the VAT number.

Package includes:

  • The registration process
  • Submit required ID documents to HMRC
  • We act as your VAT agent in the UK


Premium Package

It covers everything in the basic package + we setup gateway login and activate the whole scheme for you.

Package includes:

  • The registration process
  • Submit required ID documents to HMRC
  • We act as your VAT agent in the UK
  • Guide you on filing UK MTD VAT return


Benefits of Our UK VAT Registration Online Service: 

 Effortless enrolment: With our service, you can easily register for VAT as Affotax acts as your agent in the United Kingdom.

 Data security: Put your trust in Affotax because we make sure to keep your business information safe and confidential.

 Expert handling: Save yourself from the frustration as we take this responsibility from you, giving you peace of mind.

 Personalised support: The experts here will not leave you in the dark – you will get personalised support during the process.

 Resource optimisation: Free up your valuable time while also taking the load off your shoulders – we have got your back.

Choose our service today and let us guide you through the process – get a quote now!  


1. What is VAT registration? 

It is a formal process in which a business is registered with the government for the collection and remittance on its taxable sales.

2. How to apply for vat registration?

Applicants in the UK should apply to HMRC and present documents confirming their identity and place of living. After approval, an applicant receives his tax ID and certificate from HMRC.

3. How do I get a VAT registration number?

To get it, you will have to apply for it online. You must also submit your return on time and maintain correct financial records with HMRC.

4. Why is it taking so long?

Here is why it may be taking too long:

  • HMRC might be verifying specific details before moving forward with your application.
  • Your application is complex (e.g. it involves a company name change).
  • HMRC is still waiting for specific information from you.

5. How much does it cost?

Affotax helps you with everything, which is the most affordable choice for businesses or sole traders in the UK. Check out our packages above and get a quote today!

6. What are the benefits of it?

Here are some of the benefits you can get from being VAT registered:

  • You can charge it on your sales, helping you make more profit.
  • You can also claim back on any goods and services you have purchased.
  • It can help you improve the credibility of your business.

7. Is registering for VAT the same as tax registration?

They differ because to register for VAT involves a formal process in which businesses register with the government to collect and remit on their taxable sales. On the other hand, tax registration is a general process in which companies register with the government to pay various taxes, such as income and corporation tax.

Do you have any further inquiries? Let us help you answer your questions. Choose our package, and Affotax takes the burden off your shoulders. Get a quote today!

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