Register for Self Assessment Tax Return Online

Are you prepared to manage your tax obligations? The first and most important step in guaranteeing a smooth and manageable filing for your taxes is to register for self assessment. Whether you are self-employed, a landlord, or receive non-PAYE income, you must notify HMRC of your intention to file. This procedure complies with your obligation to pay taxes and promotes transparency in income reporting. You can handle your financial affairs more carefully and make filing easier by starting the self assessment registration. Get a quote from Affotax. Upon completing the registration for self assessment, you will be issued a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number. This number is essential for all future transactions. Our solution also includes creating your gateway login credentials and giving you safe access to vital data regarding your tax liability and payments. You can see your financial commitments with this customised gateway, allowing you to be aware and in charge. Act now to have access to a team of committed professionals who will assist you in handling your issues in a more efficient manner. The procedure is straightforward but significantly influences your financial peace of mind.

Register & Relax

We guide you through the whole process of officially registering with HMRC to ensure accurate compliance with your tax obligations.

    Package includes:

  • Self assessment registration.
  • Preparation of documentation and forms.
  • Submission of registration to HMRC.
  • Ongoing support for any inquiries.


Benefits to register for self assessment online with us:

  • 📊 Easy registration process :

    No more complexities of with our service. We make the entire procedure elegant and easy to meet your tax obligations without stress.

  • 🔒 Secure data handling :

    We put your privacy first. Your workflow will remain confidential as we handle your personal information with the best security.

  • 📋 Expert management :

    Trust our team of experts with your submissions; we guarantee timely enrollment and accuracy. You are safe in your tax-related endeavours with Affotax.

  • 🗣️ Guidance :

    You get access to an expert support team who offers the best personalised assistance. We will guide you through the complete mechanism.

  • ⏱️ Resource optimisation :

    We allows you to save valuable time and resources. Let us handle everything while helping you concentrate on what matters most.

  • ✅Start with confidence :

    When you choose our service, we provide the confidence you need to start your adventure.


  • What is registering for self assessment online?

    It is the formal method of notifying HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about your intention to file a personal tax return. It's mandatory for self-employed individuals, landlords, and those with income not covered by Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

  • Who needs to complete it?

    Individuals earning income not subject to PAYE, such as self-employed individuals, sole traders, landlords, and those with additional income.

  • How to register for self assessment?

    The approach involves gathering necessary information, completing required forms, and formally notifying HMRC of your intention to file a personal tax return.

  • What are the benefits of using your package?

    Our package offers step-by-step guidance, preparation of necessary documentation, submission to HMRC, and ongoing support. It ensures a smooth and accurate progression.

  • When should I complete it?

    You should register as soon as possible if you're self-employed or have additional income. It's essential to meet the deadline to avoid penalties.

  • Can I use your package if I'm not sure if I need to register?

    Absolutely. Our package is designed to guide you through the journey and clarify your obligations.

  • Is it a one-time process?

    You generally need to register only once, but keeping HMRC updated is essential if your circumstances change.

If you have any personalised guidance or additional inquiries about our service, please don't hesitate to contact us.