Bookkeeping For 12 Months

Bookkeeping for 12 months is helpful in maintaining a well-organised financial record for your business. It is a systematic process in which transactions, expenses, and income are recorded and categorised throughout the year. It is a continuous process and diligently maintaining these records will lead to more accurate information; encouraging improved decision-making and simplifying reporting.

Has your company not actively managed its bookkeeping throughout the year? If yes, it has become essential for you, but don't panic! Affotax provides the services for UK-limited companies, which is significant for the annual tax filing process and allows you to focus on your financial details. So why wait? Get a quote today!

Basic "Annual Bookkeeping" Package

The basic package is ideal for businesses having an annual turnover  <  £25K.

Package includes:

  • 12-month bookkeeping
  • Full Transactions review


Premium "Annual Bookkeeping" Package

This package is ideal for businesses having an annual turnover > £25K.

Package includes:

  • 12-month bookkeeping
  • Full transactions review
  • Ensure tax compliance


Benefits of Our ‘Bookkeeping for 12 Months’ Services:

 Effortless financial tracking: You will effortlessly manage your company’s records with our accurate service.

 Data security: Put your trust in Affotax as your information is managed securely throughout the process.

 Expert handling: We have years of experience in providing these services, helping you form a solid foundation for stability.

 Tax-ready records: Our service prepares you for annual tax filing easily, making sure your company meets its obligations.

 Adaptable technology: With our service, maintain accurate and accessible records with advanced platforms like QBO or Xero.

 Personalised support: As your bookkeeper, we give you access to our expert team for personalised support throughout the procedure.

 Resource optimisation: It is a time consuming process and can give you a hard time. This is where we come in, helping you save time and resources so you can concentrate on the growth of your business.  

Keep your records complete and up-to-date for the whole financial year; reach new heights of comfort and success by streamlining your process – get a quote now!


1. What is bookkeeping for 12 months? 

It is the process of recording financial transactions, like expenses and income for a business throughout the whole year

2. Why is it important for businesses? 

It is helpful in maintaining a well-organised record for your business. It also encourages better decision making and it makes tax reporting simple. 

3. What does a bookkeeper do?  

A bookkeeper’s responsibility is to keep correct financial records, like tracking the income and expenses, and accounts payable and receivable. More responsibilities include:

  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Prepare reports
  • Make sure the information is up-to-date and organised
  • Assistance with filing 
  • Provide financial data to accountants for auditing purposes.

4. Can a bookkeeper do end of year accounts?  

Yes, they can do end of year accounts as they have the required expertise and skills to correctly complete end of year accounts. 

5. Can a bookkeeper do tax returns? 

No, they do not have the qualification of doing tax returns as they are complex documents which require different skills and expertise. However,  you can contact us and get in touch with a certified and reliable accountant or to correctly handle your returns and in compliance with laws. 

6. Can I customise your packages further? 

Yes, our services are designed to meet our client’s needs and if a client wants to customise our package according to their needs, they can. 

7. Is the process time-sensitive? 

Timeliness is important because you have to correctly record your transactions on time. If you are punctual in this regard, you could avoid errors and ensure data integrity.

Have more questions? We'll help you start your business off on the right foot with a seamless ‘bookkeeping for 12 months’ experience, so why wait? Get a quote now!

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