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Pay As You Earn (PAYE), is a way for employees to deduct their taxes. Paye for employees is a system that ensures that both employers and employees pay their taxes correctly. This system involves the employer deducting income tax and other required deductions directly from employees' salaries before paying them. These deductions are then remitted to tax authorities on behalf of employees.

Note: Paye for employees must be paid immediately and punctually to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If you want to pay monthly, your payment will be due on the 22nd of the following tax month. For quarterly payments, it is due on the 22nd after the end of the quarter. For example, if the quarter ends on July 5th, then the payment is expected on July 22nd. Furthermore, if you want to pay by cheque through the mail, it is necessary that it reaches HMRC by the 19th of the month. Paying your paye bills on time can save you from penalties and interest charges. Let Affotax help you – get a quote now!

Elite Employee Payroll Package

It covers the essentials for smooth employee payroll processing, ensuring accurate calculations and compliance. this service cost £15 per employee per month.

Package includes:

  • Calculation of director's salary, benefits, and allowances
  • Tax and National Insurance deduction calculations
  • Preparation and issuance of annual pay slips
  • RTI/FPS monthly submission to HMRC


Benefits of our paye employee service:

 Effortless management: Affotax offers paye employee services that ensure proper remuneration and compliance.

 Data security: With our private handling and data protection procedures, you can guarantee data security.

 Legal compliance: Our expert team will offer you professional guidance to ensure that you meet all payroll guidelines.

 Amount confirmation: You get to confirm the amount to be paid to HMRC each month and never miss a due date.

 Electronic payslips: With our service, you will get electronic payslips to make the process easier for you and your employees.

 Personalised support: You will get the personalised support you need from our expert team throughout the process.

 Resource optimisation: Free up valuable time and resources by availing of our service, to better focus on core business activities.

Affotax can help you by providing you the best service, so you can manage your employees payroll easily. Why wait? Get a quote now! 🚀💼


1. What is paye employee?  

PAYE is an acronym for Pay As You Earn, which is a method by which employers are required to deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from the wages of their employees. It is their responsibility to pay them to the tax authorities. 

2. Why is the proper management important for employers and employees?  

The proper management ensures that employees pay the right amount of tax and NI contributions and receive transparent pay statements as well as comply with the law. Employers benefit from easy payroll management, avoiding penalties for non-compliance and non-payment of taxes. 

3. What is included in the elite package?  

It includes the calculations of the director's salary, benefits, allowances, taxes and NI deductions. It also contains the preparation and issuance of annual pay slips, along with the monthly submission of RTI/FPS to HMRC.

4. Is the payroll number the same as the employee number?  

Yes, the payroll number is the same as the employee number. Which is used to identify the employee and submit the RTI/FPS submission to HMRC. 

5. Do I need a payroll company for one employee?  

No, a payroll company is not required for one employee. You are responsible for payroll submissions. If you are unclear about the proper procedures, contact us!

6. Do employees have paye references?  

Yes, employees have paye references. This reference helps in identifying an employee and calculating the right amount of tax to be deducted from their salary. Paye reference also helps in identifying the employee's National Insurance contributions.

7. Can I customise your package further? 

Yes, we collaborate with you to design a solution that precisely meets your needs as part of our package. You can always customise our payroll services based on your needs.

8. Why is timely and accurate employee payroll management important?  

Payroll processing must be done accurately and on time to ensure correct taxation, compliance, and avoid penalties.

9. How do I get started with your services? 

It is very easy to get started with our paye management service. Follow the instructions to purchase after choosing our elite package, and our team will guide you through the whole process. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services. Don't miss out on the cheapest paye for employee service – get a quote now!

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