LLP Company Formation in the UK

LLP company formation refers to the process of setting up a Limited Liability Partnership, one of the most popular options in today’s world for businesses to get the benefits of a partnership. When you register for an LLP, you and your partners protect your private assets; in case your business falls, you will only lose your money invested in the business and not your personal or assets as they stay secure. In an unregistered partnership, each partner may be responsible for others' debts if something turns out wrong. That is why LLP formation offers more security to its partners.

If you are looking for LLP company formation, Affotax is the best and most affordable choice available. We understand the complexities of forming an LLP and the importance of the other responsibilities it brings with it. That is why we offer customised LLP formation plans, crafted specifically for you to reach your business goals. We also offer many other benefits in our LLP company formation package. Check them out and get a quote today!

UK LLP Formation

Start your UK business journey with our UK LLP formation package. We take care of the details, making it easy for you to establish a UK limited liability partnership, and get to business.

Package includes:

  • UK LLP members address
  • HMRC UTR number
  • Incorporation filing fee
  • Digital Incorporation Certificate
  • Customized LLP formation plan
  • Dedicated LLP specialist
  • Free accounting consultation


Benefits of Our ‘LLP Company Formation’ Service:

 Easy LLP Company FormationWe make the process easy, our LLP plan combines liability protection with the flexibility of a partnership.

 Dedicated LLP Specialist: You will get a dedicated LLP specialist who will guide you through the entire LLP company formation process.

 Customised Plan: Every business and its owner are unique, so we offer a customised LLP formation plan for your business to succeed.

 Data Security: Put your trust in Affotax because we take data security seriously, making sure your business data is safe and confidential.

 Legal Expertise: Our expert team has years of experience in LLP company formation, ensuring correct documentation and legal compliance.

 Resource Optimisation: While we handle your LLP company formation, you will have valuable time and resources to be spent accordingly.

Let us help you create an LLP company; choose our ‘LLP Company Formation’ service and reach new heights of success – get a quote now!


1. What is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)?  

An LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership which is a legal business structure combining features of partnerships and corporations; it also offers partners limited liability protection.

2. Why choose an LLP for my business?  

The reason why you should choose an LLP for your business is because it provides personal asset protection for partners while offering flexibility in management and operational structure.

3. Does an LLP need to be registered?  

Yes, an LLP must be registered with the HMRC or the UK jurisdiction.

4. How to register an LLP?  

To register an LLP, contact us and our expert team will get in touch with you shortly. Our team will inform you about all the necessary documents like proof of identity and address, etc along with other requirements. 

5. Can I backdate the formation of an LLP?  

No, it is not possible to backdate the formation of an LLP in the UK. The LLP company formation date must be the date on which all the partners have agreed upon, and it also must be stated in the documents of the incorporation. 

6. Can I customise your package further for my specific needs? 

Our package includes all the necessary features or benefits required for LLP company formation. However, if you need customisation in our package if the current package does not meet your needs, you can do so.

Have more questions about our ‘LLP Company Formation’ service? Get in touch and our expert team will answer all your queries. Contact us today!

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