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Do you plan on hiring employees for your UK company or business? To begin, you must first register for PAYE (Pay As You Earn). The company's director must also register as an employer before he/she can become the company's director. In this way, income taxes are deducted from employees' salaries before they are paid. 

It is important to register for PAYE before the first payday. Do remember that it can take up to 15 working days to receive your employer's PAYE reference number, so plan accordingly. PAYE must be registered within two months before payments are made to employees. If you need to make payments to an employee before receiving your employer's PAYE reference number, you should run payroll and store your full payment submission. You can then make a late payment submission to HMRC. If you need to register as an employer, Affotax can help you - get a quote now!

PAYE Registration (UK Resident)

Our basic package covers the essentials for a seamless PAYE registration, ensuring you're ready to manage employee taxation accurately.

Package includes:

  • PAYE registration
  • Preparation and submission


PAYE Registration (Non-UK Resident)

This package covers the essentials for a seamless PAYE registration for non-UK residents, ensuring you're set up to manage employee taxation accurately.

Package includes:

  • PAYE Registration process and requirements
  • Preparation and submission of forms


Here are a few reasons why you should our PAYE registration service: 

 Effortless Payroll Setup: We assist you with PAYE registration, ensuring that your payroll is processed correctly and in compliance with the law.

 Data Security: We know the importance of keeping your data secure when it comes to the processing of payrolls, so put your trust in Affotax!

 Legal Compliance: Affotax ensures your PAYE registration requirements are satisfied, and all tax and legal obligations are adhered to.

 Register for PAYE Online: We offer online PAYE registration, making the process more convenient for employers. Register at home or at work.

 Personalised Support: As each of our clients is unique, we provide customised support throughout the PAYE registration process.

 Resource Optimisation: We handle your PAYE registration so you don't have to worry about payroll processing technicalities, saving you time and resources.

So why wait? Get PAYE registration services today and simplify payroll setup while staying in compliance with tax laws – Get a quote now!  🚀📊


1. What is PAYE Registration?

The PAYE registration process involves employers registering with the tax authorities to deduct and remit income tax and National Insurance contributions from employees' wages.

2. Is PAYE Registration mandatory?

It is a legal requirement for most employers to ensure proper taxation and payroll management is taken care of.

3. Can you backdate PAYE registration? 

Registering for PAYE in the year when the income is received is necessary. The registration may be penalised or fined if it is delayed. By completing your PAYE registration on time, you can avoid penalties 

4. How long does PAYE registration take? 

PAYE registration typically takes just a few days and can be done online. Submitting all relevant information accurately and promptly to avoid delays is essential. It's also important to keep records of PAYE returns for at least six years. Let Affotax handle your payroll registration easily. 

5. How to cancel a PAYE registration? 

You must submit a formal request to the HMRC to cancel your PAYE registration. Your PAYE reference number and the cause for the cancellation must be disclosed. After that, the HMRC will handle your request and update the system as needed.

6. What does the Basic PAYE Registration Package include?  

As part of our Basic Package, we provide our clients with guidance, preparation, and submission of all the documents necessary. This is to make sure the PAYE registration process is smooth for you.

7. How does the Comprehensive PAYE Registration Management Package differ?  

The Comprehensive Package offers detailed consultation, thorough document preparation, expedited processing, and ongoing payroll and tax management assistance.

8. Is the PAYE registration process time-sensitive?  

The timely registration of taxes is one of the most important aspects of tax compliance. Taking advantage of our Comprehensive Package will expedite the process.

9. How do I start with your PAYE registration services?   

First, choose a package that you think could solve your registration issues. After that, follow the purchase instructions and our expert team will reach out to you for assistance with the PAYE registration process. 

You can contact us if you need personalised assistance or have additional questions regarding PAYE registration. Affotax is ready to take the burden off your shoulders – get a quote now!

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