Submit Self Assessment Tax Return Online

It can be challenging to manoeuvre the complexities of tax laws and ensure compliance, but submitting self assessment tax return can be much easier. Affotax is here to simplify the tax filing process since we know its importance. Our speciality is assisting UK residents online, providing them with speedy and straightforward guidance throughout the procedure. You may comfortably go through the various sections of your tax return with our user-friendly design, ensuring that all the information is correctly entered. At Affotax, we want to provide you with the knowledge and resources to be confident in online submission of self assessment tax return. Check out our packages below and let us assist you.

File & Smile

In this package we ensure accurate and timely submission to HMRC's secure online 3rd party software.

    Package includes:

  • SA100 online submission.
  • Use our agent login to submit.


Benefits to submit self assessment tax return online with us:

  • 📊 Simple online filing :

    We offer the easiest online self assessment submission with our user-friendly interface, removing the tiring paperwork and shortening the entire filing process.

  • 🔒 Secure data handling :

    Your private financial information is protected to the highest standard. Our secure online submission method uses modern encryption to protect your data.

  • 📋 Time efficiency :

    Enjoy rapid tax return processing as our technology expedites the evaluation process and guarantees timely and effective management of your financial data.

  • ⏱️ 24/7 accessibility :

    Take advantage of filing anytime, day or night, or no matter where you are. You can accomplish deadlines on your own time using our online platform.

  • ✔️Error checking :

    Use our best error-checking tools, which identify problems immediately and let you fix mistakes to submit with accurate confidence.

  • 🔊Automated reminders :

    With our automated reminder system, you can easily remember critical deadlines. Get timely alerts regarding deadlines and avoid any type of penalties.


  • What is online submission of self assessment tax return?

    The electronically filing of your SA100 with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) using a secure online platform. It offers a convenient and efficient way to report your income, expenses, and deductions for accurate tax calculation.

  • Who is required to submit it?

    Individuals with certain types of income, including self-employed individuals, those earning additional income, and those with complex financial situations, are mandated to complete; as it is a recommended method for accurate filing.

  • How does it work?

    it involves entering your financial details, such as income and expenses; once completed, the form is securely submitted electronically.

  • What are its advantages?

    It offers benefits like convenience, secure data transmission, instant confirmation of receipt, and easy access to your submission history. It simplifies the process and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Can I use it if I have multiple sources of income or complex finances?

    Absolutely! Our package is designed to assist individuals with various financial situations, ensuring accurate and compliant submission.

  • What does your package include?

    The package provides step-by-step guidance for online form completion, review of your financial details for accuracy, secure online submission to HMRC, and ongoing support for any inquiries or follow-up needed.

  • Is the deadline the same every year?

    The deadline for submitting is usually January 31st. It's crucial to meet this deadline to avoid penalties.

  • Can I make amendments after I submit?

    Yes, you can usually amend within a specific timeframe. Our package includes guidance on making corrections if necessary.

  • How do I get started with your service?

    Choose the package, follow the instructions to purchase, and our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring accurate and timely completion.

  • What if I have further questions or need personalized advice?

    Contact us for personalised assistance or additional inquiries. We're here to support you every step of the way.

If you have any personalised guidance or additional inquiries about our service, please don't hesitate to contact us.