Selling Shares

To raise capital and generate revenue, many companies opt for selling shares. In a share transfer, ownership is transferred from one shareholder to the next investor. There are multiple reasons of selling shares, including liquidating assets or exiting a company or an investment. Share transfer requires completing a specific form, sometimes known as the 'stock transfer form' or 'share transfer form'. This form outlines the details of the transaction and ownership transfer. On the other hand, share issuance is also a way for companies to raise capital, but it involves creating and distributing capital equity. Current shareholders' ownership structure and voting rights may be affected by this process. Issuing shares is a common strategy for expanding a business or attracting new investors. This could affect the organisation's general direction and decision-making. Get a quote or talk to our experts today!

The Ultimate Package

It covers the essentials for smooth processes, ensuring accurate updates and compliance.

    Package includes:

  • Guidance on share issuance/transfer requirements.
  • Preparation of necessary documents.
  • Submission to relevant authorities.


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  • What is issuance of shares?

    It involves creating and distributing new ownership units within a company to raise capital or bring in new shareholders.

  • What is shares transfer?

    It refers to the movement of existing equity from one shareholder to another, often for reasons like selling shares or transferring ownership.

  • How to sell shares in the UK?

    If investors want to sell shares in the UK, they should contact their stockbroker or investment platform. Alternatively, they may provide instructions for selling using online brokerage platforms. Also, ownership interest can be traded at non listed markets

  • Can I sell my shares through my bank in the UK?

    Indeed, in the UK, you can sell your shares through your bank although first check with your broker or bank to ascertain they can permit you to sell that equity, and you should consider any applicable costs also.

  • How to transfer shares after the death of a shareholder in the UK?

    After the death of a shareholder, the stock are either transferred to a beneficiary or any other person that the deceased wished. or their estate could inherit them. As per the will specifications they would be shared in case the deceased chose to direct his/her property into his/her own estate but without making a specific will concerning it at all. In the absence of one’s testament, any holdings shall be assigned following laws governing that particular state’s jurisdiction.

  • Why would a company issue new shares or transfer existing ones?

    When shares are issued, capital is raised, while when they are transferred, ownership can change or new investors can be attracted.

  • What does the ultimate package include?

    It provides guidance, preparation, and submission of the necessary documents smoothly and in compliance.

  • Can I do it without professional assistance?

    While possible, our service offers expert guidance to ensure accurate and compliant processes.sss

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