Share Issuance and Share Transfer

To raise capital and generate revenue, many companies sell shares. In a share transfer, ownership is transferred from one shareholder to the next investor. There are multiple reasons to sell shares, including liquidating assets or exiting a company or an investment. Share transfer requires completing a specific form, sometimes known as the ‘Stock Transfer Form’ or ‘Share Transfer Form’. This form outlines the details of the transaction and ownership transfer.

On the other hand, share issuance is also a way for companies to raise capital, but it involves creating and distributing capital shares. Current shareholders' ownership structure and voting rights may be affected by this process. Issuing shares is a common strategy for expanding a business or attracting new investors. Share issuances and share transfers can change the company's ownership structure. This could affect the organisation's general direction and decision-making.

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The Ultimate 'Share Issuance/Transfer' Package

The ultimate 'Share Issuance/Transfer' Package covers the essentials for smooth processes, ensuring accurate updates and compliance.

The package includes:

  • Guidance on share issuance/transfer requirements.
  • Preparation of necessary documents.
  • Submission to relevant authorities.


Here are some benefits of choosing our service: ✨

 Efficient Equity Management: Get share issuance and share transfer processes handled accurately and effectively by our expert team.

 Data Security: Affotax ensures the security and confidentiality of all your shares and distribution data. Put your trust in Affotax!

 Legal Compliance: Affotax's expert team can handle all of your company's legal compliance needs.

 Personalised Support: We will guide you through the entire process with personalised support and guidance.

 Resource Optimisation: Let Affotax handle your share issuance and share transfer tasks so you can focus on key business decisions.

 Documentation: Affotax takes great care to document equity management activities and transactions appropriately.

 Competitive Pricing: Affotax's high-quality services are available at competitive prices to meet your business needs.

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1. What is share issuance?

Share issuance involves creating and distributing new ownership units within a company to raise capital or bring in new shareholders.

2. What is shares transfer?

Share transfer refers to the movement of existing shares from one shareholder to another, often for reasons like selling shares or transferring ownership.

3. Why would a company issue new shares or transfer existing ones?

When shares are issued, capital is raised, while when they are transferred, ownership can change or new investors can be attracted.

4. What does the Basic Share Issuance/Transfer Package include? 

Our Basic Package provides guidance, preparation, and submission of the necessary documents for smooth share issuance or transfer.

5. How does the Comprehensive Share Issuance/Transfer Management Package differ?  

The Comprehensive Package offers detailed consultation, thorough document preparation, submission, and communication with stakeholders for a seamless equity transition.

6. Can these packages handle both share issuance and transfer?  

Yes, both packages can be tailored for share issuance, share transfer, or both.

7. Is the share issuance/transfer process time-sensitive? 

Timing can impact equity and ownership changes, so making accurate and timely executions is crucial.

8. Can I issue or transfer shares without professional assistance?  

While possible, our packages offer expert guidance to ensure accurate and compliant processes.

9. How do I get started with your share issuance/transfer services?  

Choose the package that suits your needs, follow the instructions to purchase, and our team will guide you through the share issuance or transfer process.

Inquire about our share issuance and share transfer services or contact us for personalised assistance or additional information. Your equity transactions are in good hands with us. Get a quote!

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