EORI Number

EORI is an abbreviation for Economic Operators Registration and Identification. It is very significant for the identification of an individual or economic operator who must clear customs in the European Union. This number is unique and assigned only once to a person or economic operator. It is important to get EORI number and share it with the customs authorities in the member states for customs operations. It is essential for all types of customs operations such as import, export, and transit. It is your standard identification number across the EU, benefiting both the economic operators and customs authorities in customs clearance, statistical and security purposes. Are you planning to import or export goods in the UK? If yes, then you will need it, and you've come to the right place. Check out our packages below and let us help you get it easily – get a quote now!

Basic Package

Streamline your international trade operations and compliance with ease. We handle the paperwork while you focus on growing your business.

    Package includes:

  • Managing application
  • Documentation and submissions
  • Expert support for inquiries


Express Package

With this package, you can get it in just 3 days.

    Package includes:

  • Managing application
  • Documentation and submissions
  • Get it in only 3 days
  • Consultation


Benefits of Our ‘EORI Number’ Service: ✨

  • ✨Effortless trade identification :

    Avoid the burden of long paperwork; apply and obtain effortlessly.

  • 🔒Data security :

    Put your trust in Affotax as we handle your data with the utmost data security during your application process.

  • ✔ Expert handling :

    We are a team of experts with years of experience, so let us expertly manage your application.

  • 📋Application form :

    We will expertly fill out your application form and manage your documentation and submission to HMRC.

  • 🤝Personalised assistance :

    You can get personalised assistance or guidance with your application by using our service.

  • ⏱️Resource optimisation :

    When you choose our services, you save valuable time and resources to concentrate on the growth of your business.


  • What is EORI number?

    It is short for Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, which is a unique number used for customer interactions while trading with countries outside the European Union.

  • Why do businesses need it?

    It is important for businesses because it is crucial for customs declarations and international trade import and export processes.

  • How to apply for EORI number?

    You can apply online through our service. We take the burden off your shoulders by filling out the application while managing your documentation and submission to HMRC.

  • How can I check it?

    If you want to check it for validity, etc., visit the official government website and check using the EORI number checker tool. Insert it in the given place, and the tool will automatically check its authenticity and validity.

  • Can a business have multiple of them?

    No, it is only possible for a business to have multiple, if the business operates in multiple countries. In this case, the business must apply for it in every country it trades.

  • How long is it valid?

    It is valid until the business continues to engage in international trade. However, it is important to keep it up-to-date, including its associated information.

  • What documents are required for the application process in the UK?

    The specific types of documents needed for the application include: Proof of identity (e.g., passport or ID card). Proof of address (e.g., utility bill or bank statement). Proof of registration (if applicable). Proof of Economic Operator Identification (EORI) number (if applicable) Application form completed and signed.

  • Do private individuals need it?

    Private individuals and businesses must obtain it to engage in custom activities/trading. The difference is that private individuals need it only when they are importing or exporting goods on their own behalf, while businesses need it for everyday customs operations regardless of the size of the shipment.

  • Is it the same as my VAT number?

    No, they are two different things: It is used for tracking or tracing goods as they move between EU countries. On the other hand, the VAT number is for businesses to identify them for VAT purposes.

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