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Directors service address is a crucial aspect of running a business in the UK. It is an authorised contact point for directors to receive lawful communications. By providing a separate space for official correspondence, you can protect your residence from being listed on the Companies House public register. This not only ensures privacy but also enhances the corporate image of the business.

In addition to secrecy, having a private space ensures that directors meet their legal responsibilities while safeguarding their information. It is a legal requirement for all UK companies, along with having a registered office address to provide an additional layer of protection. Check out our packages, and get a quote today!

Prime Package

Our prime package offers a separate space in the UK for receiving legal and official communications while safeguarding your personal details.

Package includes:

  • Use of our directors service address for official needs.
  • Forwarding government mail and regulatory notices.


Benefits of choosing us for a director service address:

🏢 Greater privacy: You can safeguard your personal privacy and keep your residential address confidential.

🔒 Data security: With our expert handling of your personal information, you can be assured that your data is protected.

📋 Legal compliance: To make sure you adhere to all legal regulations, we can handle your requirements with expertise.

🗣️ Personalised support: As our client, you'll have access to our expert team for dedicated guidance throughout the process.

📩 Email reminders: Our service includes email reminders, so you never miss out on important correspondence.

⏱️ Resource efficiency: You can concentrate on your directorial duties by freeing up important time and resources.

By choosing our services, you can enhance your confidentiality and maintain professionalism, ensuring a seamless directorship experience. Let Affotax provide you the expert support need to succeed in your role. Get in touch with us today! 🚀🏢


1. What is a directors service address UK?

It is a designated contact point for directors to receive official communications separately from their residential address, ensuring data protection and compliance.

2. Why do I need it?

It protects your personal information by keeping it off public records, while fulfilling the legal requirement for you to have a legitimate address for receiving communications.

3. Can I change it later?

Yes, you can change it later, but specific procedures need to be followed. Our team can guide you through the process.

4. Can I use it for other purposes?

The primary purpose is legitimate communications, so using it for unrelated business ventures or personal deliveries is not ideal. However, the package may offer additional services for enhancing your directorship.

5. What does the prime package include?

We provide autonomy in receiving official correspondence, along with forwarding of government mail and regulatory notices in this package.

6. Will my information be kept private?

Using a designated service like ours helps protect your privacy,  also keeping your personal data off public records and ensuring compliance.

Contact us, or get a quote now; our team will assist you in setting up!.

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