Auto Enrolment Pensions

As a UK worker, you have the opportunity to secure your financial future with Pension Auto Enrolment. This mandatory workplace initiative requires your employer to automatically enrol you into a pension scheme if you're aged between 22 and State Pension age, earn at least £10,000 per year, and usually work in the UK. 

Auto Enrolment Pensions initiative is particularly beneficial for those who may not have considered retirement planning previously, as it guarantees that eligible employees are saving for their future. Enrol in a pension scheme today – get a quote now!

Pension Setup

Our starter package covers the essentials for hassle-free pension auto enrolment, ensuring your business meets legal requirements and supports employee retirement planning.

Package includes:

  • Assessment of eligible employees
  • Pension scheme selection and setup
  • Employee communication materials
  • Submission of pension contributions


Pension Enrolment

This package is designed to do the auto enrolment with pension provider such as Nest etc.


Benefits of Our Auto Enrolment Pension Service:

 Effortless Compliance: Our services make it easy for you to manage auto-enrolment in employee pensions, making the process easy for you.

 Data Security: We take every possible measure to keep the employee pension information confidential and ensure data security.

 Legal Adherence: Our team of experts will help you navigate pension auto-enrolment regulations, guaranteeing legal compliance.

 Transparency: Our pension scheme is transparent, which is why we provide regular reports and updates.

 Personalised Guidance: Our Affotax team is always ready to provide expert assistance throughout the auto enrolment process.

 Reduced Penalty Risk: With our services, you can avoid penalties for pension auto-enrolment regulations.

 Flexibility: Whether you need support in setting up your pension scheme or managing it on an ongoing basis, Affotax is the best choice.

 Resource Optimisation: By entrusting Affotax with pension auto enrolment, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on your business's core priorities.

To help you comply with auto-enrolment regulations as simply as possible, we offer online UK Pension Auto Enrolment services. Get a quote now!


1. What is an Auto Enrolment Pension?  

Auto enrolment pension is when an employee meets certain requirements to automatically qualify for a pension plan or scheme. It is a requirement for a company or business to enrol their employees in auto enrolment pensions.

2. Why is auto enrolment pension important? 

Pension auto enrolment is important because it benefits both the employee and the employer. It is the best way to ensure financial security while following laws and regulations. 

3. What services are included in your Pension Auto Enrolment packages? 

Our Starter Package includes:

  • Assessment of eligible employees
  • Pension scheme selection and setup
  • Employee communication materials
  • Submission of pension contributions

4. How important is the timely implementation of Pension Auto Enrolment? 

To meet the legal requirements and ensure the retirement security of the employees, timely implementation of pension auto enrolment is important.

5. When does auto-enrolment pension start?  

Auto enrolment pension starts on day one of employment. The newly hired employees are automatically enrolled in their pension scheme. The contributions of the employer and employee are deducted from their salaries, adding to the pension scheme.

6. How much is an auto-enrolment pension?  

Pension auto-enrolment schemes usually pay 8% of salary up to a specific annual limit. It is also possible that it increases through the contributions made by the employer and the employee. 

7. What is the auto enrolment pension rule?  

The auto-enrolment pension rule is a mandatory requirement by the UK government for employers to set up pension schemes for all eligible employees. 

8. Is Pension Auto Enrolment complex? 

Yes, the auto enrolment process can be complex, but by availing our services, you can avoid these complexities while promoting employee benefits and financial security.

We at Affotax provide the most affordable auto enrolment pension services with expertise. Do not miss the opportunity – get a quote now!

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