Limited Companies

Operating a Limited Company in the UK brings with it exciting opportunities, yet also complicated financial responsibilities. Staying abreast of bookkeeping deadlines and regulations can become overwhelming, taking your valuable time and keeping you away from expanding your business.

At Affotax, our team of chartered accountants is dedicated to offering comprehensive accounting and tax filing services designed specifically to Limited Companies. Let us ease your burden, making sure your finances are in order and you maximise tax efficiency - while staying informed and in control!

Here's how we support Limited Companies:

  • Simplified bookkeeping & payroll: We handle all your bookkeeping needs from recording transactions to reconciling accounts to managing payroll and auto-enrolment pensions, all using cloud accounting software for easy access and real-time financial insights.

  • Annual accounts & corporation tax returns: Our experienced accountants will ensure your annual accounts (including CT600 forms) comply with Companies House and HMRC regulations while also identifying all available tax deductions to reduce your corporation tax bill.

  • VAT returns: We take care in managing and filing for VAT calculations and submissions on time - whether standard-rated, flat rate or VAT registered overseas. We're here to guide you through complex VAT rules while helping to avoid penalties along the way.

  • Dividend planning & tax advice: At Affotax, we specialise in structuring businesses’ finances to maximise tax efficiency. We help you find your way around dividend payments efficiently to reduce overall tax liabilities.

  • Financial reporting & business insights: At Affotax, we go beyond simple bookkeeping by translating your financial data into clear, actionable insights so you can make informed business decisions and track growth effectively.

Why choose Affotax for your Limited Company?

  • Dedicated account manager: You will have a dedicated point of contact within our firm who knows about and understands your business, ready to address your queries or concerns.

  • Proactive & timely service: We stay informed about deadlines and will keep you up-to-date about upcoming filings and tax obligations, providing regular updates so you won't have to worry about missed dates or penalties.

  • Cloud-based technology: We use secure and user-friendly cloud accounting software that facilitates seamless collaboration and real-time access to your financial data.

  • Competitive fees & transparent pricing: We offer various service packages to meet the needs of businesses at highly competitive fees and transparent pricing structures.

  • Focus on your business growth: By handling all accounting and tax matters efficiently, we give you more time to devote yourself to growing and running a successful Limited Company.

Ready to take the stress out of managing your Limited Company finances?

Reach out to Affotax now for a complimentary consultation and let's explore together what services we can provide that can make an impactful difference to your company's bottom line.

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