UK Company Registration (UK Resident)

Are you looking for UK company registration? If you are a UK resident, it is worthwhile to choose a legal structure for your upcoming enterprise. According to the UK government, for a business to follow a legal structure in the UK, a limited company is the most preferred option. It is a separate entity, implying that the finances of the owner are separate from their company’s finances. Which means, if the enterprise falls into debt, the shareholders would have limited liability. You would also get tax benefits because limited companies pay corporation tax instead of income tax on their profits. Not to mention, limited liability can increase your credibility with customers, suppliers and investors. This helps you get a professional image and reputation. 

At Affotax, we offer the most affordable services, which not only includes company formation but also UK tax filing because we make sure your business adheres to financial regulations. Check out our package and benefits below – get a quote today!

For UK Residents

We handle the paperwork so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Package includes:

  • UK limited company formation
  • Incorporation filing fee (worth £13)
  • Digital Incorporation Certificate
  • Digital Articles of Association
  • Free accountancy consultation


Benefits of Our ‘UK Company Registration’ Service:

 Effortless business structure: We simplify company formation, offering a legal structure for your corporation.

 Data security: With our strong data protection system, your information is completely safe and confidential.

 Digital certificate: You will get a digital incorporation certificate and digital articles of association for your legal and professional presence.

 Accounting consultation: As part of our package, we provide accounting consultation to help you reach your goals. 

 Expert handling: Our expert team has years of experience in providing affordable services, and is ready to help you grow.

 Personalised support: We offer personalised support and guidance throughout the process – contact us today!

Let us help you with setting up a limited company in the UK; choose our service and reach new heights of success – get a quote now!


1. What is a limited company UK?  

It is a specific corporate structure in which the liability of the owner is limited to the extent of what they have invested in their enterprise. Which means in the case of a firm falling into a debt or any other legal issue, the owner’s personal assets will not be at risk.

2. Why set up a UK limited companies?  

Here is why you should set up LTD companies UK:

  • It offers the owner's personal assets liability protection.
  • It dissociates the owner from the liabilities of their business.
  • It provides you with the opportunities to raise capital through share issuances
  • It helps you enhance your professionalism and credibility
  • It helps you attract clients and investors who would like to work with an established business.

3. What are the steps for it?  

For registering a company in the UK, you need:

  • Identification documentation (such a current passport or driver's licence).
  • Evidence of residency, like a utility bill or bank statement.
  • Information about the name, address, and business operations
  • Details of the directors, including their names, addresses, and dates of birth
  • A registered office address
  • Confirmation of the appointment of a secretary (If appointed).
  • Details of the proposed name reservation (if applicable).
  • Completed registration forms
  • Payment of the necessary registration fees.

Let Affotax take the burden off your shoulders – get a quote now!

4. How to check company registration in the UK?  

Go to Companies House's official website and search for your corporation by name or registration number to verify if it is registered in the UK or not.

5. How much tax does it pay in the UK? 

In the UK, a firm's tax liability is determined by a number of factors, including its earnings, the kinds of operations it conducts, and the applicable tax rate.

6. How much does it cost? 

You can do it by buying our service for just £39. We provide the most affordable services in the UK; you will get other benefits as well, along with consultation.

7. Can I customise the UK company registration service to meet my specific needs?  

Yes, our customers are our first priority and if their needs require the customisation of our package, they can do so by contacting us.

Have more questions about our ‘UK Company Registration’? Get in touch with us and let us help you start a new business to step-up your game – get a quote now!

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